What Does Catnip Do to Cats? Learn more here: "Best Breeds for Multi-Cat Households.". To help introduce your new cat to children, we’ve included a little message with some tips from the cats: Hi there! If you have a blanket or toy with the new pet’s scent on it, allow your cat or dog to smell this item and get used to the new scent. One of the keys to a mutually satisfying multi-cat household is making sure that your current cat and new cat start off on the right paw. Tony, meet Tabatha, your new feline housemate. Could my kitty be sick? Bring her into the main part of the house to hang out with everyone. If you’re bring home a new cat to your resident cat (s), make sure you start off on the right foot by doing a proper introduction. Here are the main steps to ensuring a low-stress transition and lots of happy purrs. Fishing pole toys allow the new cat to participate in the fun from afar. Cat expert Tricia Helfer says, “There is no hard or fast rule as to when they’ll get along. Using the welcome home suite and introducing each cat to the other's scent. What to Know When Introducing Cats to a New Cat. Keep the cats safe, confident, and in as good a mood as possible. If you’re bringing a new cat into a household with multiple cats, introduce each resident cat … We know how difficult it is for us to adopt a single kitten, either because we love these beautiful animals, because we want to expand the family or because we have found a stray cat … There are many reasons to add a second cat to your household, including to give a home to another homeless cat, to provide a latchkey cat with some feline company, or because of the ever-popular thought: "Why stop at one when two are more fun? Feed the cats in opposite corners of a large room. With two kittens, the whole process could be over in less than a day. There is no doubt that the question of how to introduce a second cat into your household is the most common among cat owners who consider that their best friend needs company. At the end of each meeting, return the new cat to her temporary private quarters. They can get to know one another one step at a time. Using the welcome home suite and introducing each cat to the other's scent. If they … Why Do Cats Like Catnip? Doing this will probably cause hissing, fights, and undue stress on the part of all cats involved. Allow the new pet to do the same with your current pet’s personal items. many cat parents, this is a tough question that …, Cats are wonderful MURDER THE CAT. However, after the incubation period is up you can allow both cats … I have many years of experience in a multi-cat household, with the group of cats … When introducing a new cat into your home with other cats, it is essential to remember that this is likely an unsettling transition for all pets involved. Veterinarian-written / veterinarian-approved articles for your cat. In general, try to match the characteristics of your new cat to those of your resident cat. Introducing New Cats. This will assure them that you love them, and they’re still a valuable part of the family. The hard part comes when introducing cats to a new cat in a multi-cat household. When the big day arrives and you show your new cat her lifetime home, place her in the well-appointed quarantine room that … Territory, from a feline perspective, is space (horizontal and vertical) and access to prime resources. Each cat should use the other cat’s (scooped!) In a multi-cat home, it’s important to have many places from which … Other tips include adding drops of Bach Flower Essences (Rescue Remedy) to the water bowl or feeding the cats at opposite ends of the room and gradually moving them closer. Give the cats plenty of praise, and offer them treat rewards when playtime is done. This will trigger grooming behavior in the cats, and they might even begin grooming each other if they are near one another. Use treats and other positive rewards and incentives, including ample praise. 12. Visit the new cat frequently and show them plenty of affection. When you introduce a new cat, it can be easy to ignore your other cats. How long will the process take? Final tips. Understand the nature of cats Equipping yourself with pertinent information about the … Because there is a barrier, your other cats will not feel threatened. This requires some knowledge, forethought, and finesse on your part. As the two cats become more comfortable with one another, give them increasing freedom to interact with each other. Use catnip with care when you are dealing with new cats. Open her carrier, and let her walk out at her own pace. Set up a private "welcome home" suite for your new cat so the two cats can have their own space at first. If, as a last resort, you have to position yourself between the cats to end a fight, wear shoes, socks, and long pants, and have a pair of thick oven mitts nearby, to protect your hands from bites and claws. Rearrange the layout if necessary, to help foster peace and minimize inter-cat bickering. With the aid of a doorstop, open the new cat's room door a crack. Prime resources are objects or aspects of life that cats desire strongly on a day-to-day basis. Keep an eye on things. Then, you will be transferred to a human. Double-check that the cats each have sufficient territory. If the owner doesn’t want to work on the problems with me, I am often asked to re-home the cat. Play with them regularly and watch them closely for … Feed each cat their favorite meals, placing their bowls on opposite sides of the door. It will be easier for your new cat to get used to her surroundings without the stress of meeting new cats at the same time. Bringing Your Cat Home Don't let the cat out to roam. If you try to just put the cats in together to “work it out” you will set them up for failure. Granted, sometimes your new cat will be a stray that finds you rather than the other way around, so you just have to do the best you can. Keep this up until you're reasonably sure that neither cat will hurt or torment the other. Use your best judgment on when to have the initial meeting. At some point, your cats will be ready to meet face-to-face—and that will kick off the next-to-last phase of the introduction process: a series of cat-to-cat meetings that help the two cats become comfortable with being in the same place at the same time. I tried to make time for my kitten to slowly get to know each cat, one at a time. Still other cats can actually react to catnip by becoming aggressive. I’m your new cat and I’d like to tell you a few things: Your house is brand new to me, so I am … Stress-busters such as interactive playing, ample scratching opportunities, catnip* (for cats that enjoy it), and luxurious petting sessions may significantly help both cats adjust to their new living situation. Sitemap | Jennie Willis, Ph.D, an instructor at Colorado State University, recommends, “Normalize the smell of a new housemate by switching the bedding of the cats. When you bring a new cat home, the worst thing you can do is let her loose right away. … If your new cat is not integrating well into the household and there are signs of aggression, it’s always best to seek professional advice. Multi-cat households . I'll leave you two alone so you can get to know one another.". Feliway - A Useful Tool to Help Treat Stress in Cats, Pica in Cats: Why Cats Eat Strange Things, The Benefits of Having Multiple Cat Scratching Surfaces, Five Reasons Cats Urinate Outside of the Litter Box. Once the cats are at a point in the visits where they seem relaxed and will tolerate being fairly close to one another, you can try this technique: wipe each cat down with a damp cloth, one after the other.