Municipalities, corporations and cantonment boards are urban local bodies. recognizes the need for local government autonomy as the substantial control of local governments is aimed at staff, institutional and financial matters, among others (Nigeria, 1976). The status of rural local government in India is Ask each group to use various maps and online resources (see References) to create a map of the assigned quadrant by: Discuss any changes in the status of municipalities over time (see References) and possible reasons for the changes. From the foregoing, one can rightly say that democracy is all about “peoples” participation in government–and local government. Rural Local governments can provide the following specific functions when scaling up water & sanitation Programme: Strategy and planning, advocacy and promotion, capacity building, supervision, monitoring and evaluation, regulation, and coordination. Gauba (1981:421) quoting Lincoln and it reads: Democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people. Affordable and Safe Housing. Hence, local government is visibly seen as co-agent of rural development and as partners in progress with both states and federal governments in rural developments. 3. Various recommendations were made based on the findings among such are, increase in revenue allocation by both Federal and State governments, serious commitment be made by such staff toward internally generated revenue and the use of direct labour (council engineers) in carrying out projects in place of contractors. Hence, local government is visibly seen as co-agent of rural development and as partners in progress with both states and federal governments in rural developments. Our findings revealed that the council has not performed well in developing the rural areas over the years. In addition to the above, the Nigerian Federal Government is one of the few governments in the world perhaps in addition to Brazil (Erero, 1998) that have elevated LGs to a third tier of government. THE ROLE OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA . Provide students with a large sheet of paper (one metre square will work well). To find out if inadequacy of skilled workers (like qualified engineers all types, medical doctors, etc) affect the ability of warri North local government council in carrying out rural development programme. Communal effort has not been a recent phenomenon. A well-designed questionnaire was administered on the subject matter to the citizens of the Local Government. Local Self Government Rural 1. Suggest that students look up the word significant in the dictionary and a thesaurus. pg/msc/09/51339 being a research project submitted to the department of political science, faculty of the social sciences, school of … Is there a significant difference between an orange and a grapefruit? Therefore, Democracy and local government are inseparable and are synonymous. It talks of representative councils with substantial control over local affairs, for the provision of services and implementation of projects in their areas, to complement the activities of both the State and Federal governments. Inform students that, generally, rural and small-town Alberta is defined as the population living in rural municipalities and small towns and villages under 10 000 people. Solved Question for You Introduction to rural and urban governments Direct students to pertinent sections of authorized student resources or reference materials or provide them with a briefing sheet that outlines the similarities and differences in the powers and functions of rural and urban municipal governments. Improvement in local government remains a high priority in most countries, but unless the relationship between citizens and government is more fully developed the actions of local government … 1.7.1 Local Government and Rural Development. This study was conducted to determine the Impact of Local Government in Rural Development where Ojo local Government Area was used as a case study. Encourage students to add to the Venn diagram by identifying the similarities and differences in how governments serve the needs of local citizens. ... 3 hours ago Features ... We have 774 local government areas in the country. The failure of this centralised development strategy has brought about the emergence of decentralisation to local government as one of the means to turn the tide of underdevelopment. Local Self-government is the management and governance of local affairs by a local body or authority. Such strategy for ensuring national administrative development and political efficacy is found in the concept and practice of local government. Compare and contrast urban and rural municipal governments and decide whether or not a growing rural community would benefit from changing to an urban municipal government. Usually one village is designated as a Ward. In other words, if there is no efficient local self-government, there is no real democracy, i. e. there are no conditions to build the civil society, to encourage regional development, to address many other pressing needs of rural countryside and the society as a whole. Hence, it is a development from below. What impedes local self-government development in Russia Social Solidarity j. THE ROLE OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN RURAL DEVELOPMENT: A STUDY OF WARRI NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF DELTA STATE. Rural dwellers are the people living in the remote areas of a country and lack basic infrastructure like good road network, pipe borne water, electricity, good health facility etc. Rural and Urban Governments: What's the Difference? Organize four groups of students and assign one quadrant of the area to each group. In both rural and urban areas the local government's relationship to the state is a complex one of shared authority and carefully defined areas of legal competence. ROLE OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN RURAL DEVELOPMENT ABSTRACT This study critically looked at the Role of Local Government in Rural Development in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria. There is general assumption among scholars and practitioners, that local government are not only established as representative organ but also as a channel through which goods and services are delivered to the people within the framework of laws establishing them. Each part of the United Kingdom has a distinct system of local government. Size of the […] Ask students to present the group recommendations to the class. The main provisions of this Act can be grouped under two categories–compulsory and voluntary. In achieving this, the research work relies on descriptive approach and structured questionnaire and interview for data collection. The local government serves as a form of political and administrative structure facilitating decentralization, national integration, efficiency in governance, and a sense of belonging at the grassroots. In local government, territorial distribution of power is the essence. Invite students to gather more information on the similarities and differences between rural and urban governments. Rate significant differences between rural and urban governments They are: The broad objective of this study is to assess the performance of Warri North local government council in the area of rural development. », The Impact Of Inter-governmental Relations On Local Government Administration In Nigeria ( A Case Study Of Abuja Municipal Area Council, Abuja), Judiciary And Anti Corruption In Nigeria 2015-2017, Labour unrest and underdevelopment in nigeria, Dependency And Underdevelopment In Africa. The main objective of the establishment of local self- government institutions is to provide training to the rural people in the art of democracy and self-rule. Therefore, the work seeks to contribute in illuminating the actual status of Warri North local government as regard community or rural development which it purports to be raison d’etre of its existence. Local governments are pulled two ways, increasingly reliant on state and federal funding to carry out their expected duties, while fearful of losing their traditional degree of local control. A local government is semi-autonomous territorial unit created by the constitution or general laws of a state to undertake certain functions within specified or limited geographical area. In Nigeria's socio-political context, with multiplicity of culture, diversity of languages and differentiated needs and means, the importance of such an organization in fostering the needed national consciousness, unity and relative uniformity as well as preservation of peculiar diversities cannot be over-emphasized. Create a large overlapping Venn diagram on chart paper and label one circle rural governments and the other urban governments. These groups includes small scale farmers, tenants, etc who seek livelihood in the rural areas. That gradually led to regional self-government in the early 1950s. The features of the Panchayati Raj system are as follows: There is a three tier local self government: (i) Gram Panchayat : Each village, or a group of villages in some States, has a gram panchayat. The empirical analysis will show whether creation of local government is really for the sake of ensuring grassroots development or mere political compensation for the government loyalists. Local government. The ratings can be recorded in the final column of the retrieval chart. Union Councils (or Union Parishads or Unions) are the smallest rural administrative and local government units in Bangladesh. Whatever is the mode of government, local government has been essentially regarded as the path to, and guarantor of, national integration, administration and development. Accordingly, the government needs to act for the upliftment of rural India. Deconcentration broadly means that, for the sake of convenience, some functions have been devolved from a central government to administration on the spot. You may also want to discuss with students the structure of government in First Nations and Métis councils in both rural and urban environments. When applying for grants and funding or conducting research one should refer to the rural definiton provided by the agency or organization. Discuss the information to place in each circle. the role of local government in rural development: a study of warri north local government area of delta state. For more information, see Rating Options (Support Material). Many basic services are delivered by local municipalities and local ward councillors are the politicians closest to communities. You may wish to refer to the chart  “Advantages and Disadvantages” in Justifying My Choice (Support Material). on how rural areas are classified. Encourage them to identify the extent of differences between rural and urban governance structures. Local bodies, such as Village Panchayat, village courts, are intended to provide justice quickly to the villagers, instead of run­ning about the courts in towns and cities, in cases of litigation. and meeting out most of their needs from local social institutions . More than 80 percent of the Indian population lives in villages and the welfare of the people implies an all-round improvement of the Indian villages . As important as this tier of government has been, there seems to be some impediments that have been infringing on its performance and functions in recent times. Local govt provides civil amenities to local people for healthy living. Suggested Activities. Joint Family. Identify similarities and differences. For more information on the use of these diagrams, see Venn Diagrams (Support Material). To make a reasoned judgement, students need to understand how rural and urban municipal governments are similar and different. Consequently, local government has made record of 774 created local governments in the country and have made attempt to create new ones in recent times with the sole aim of using them to bring about rural development in the local level. The history of local government in Western Europe, Great Britain, the United States, and Russia exhibits the growing awareness of its significance. Industrial Relation and Personnel Management, Get the Complete Project Materials Now! Knowing the roles the government needs to play in development of any society and the obvious inability of the national and state governments in the task of rural areas, Local government has been created essentially to compliment the efforts of the states and national government in the task of rural development. Ask students to add indicators of changed municipal status to the quadrant maps by  using the legend symbols or sticky notes to provide details. After groups have shared and discussed their ratings, ask students to review their decisions and to make adjustments they think are needed. Ideas and definitions relating to the term rural are diverse. By so doing, the State governments do not exercise absolute controls over local governments. The result of the study will equally be of help to other researchers who may want to research on such topic or related topics on development in the academia in the future. Central to the creation of local government, however, is its ability to facilitate an avenue through which government and the people intermix, relate and more quickly than any other means resolve or dissolve issues that may have heated the system. According to Agbakoba (2004:3), a local government is a political and administrative unit that is empowered by law to administer a specified locality. Examine similarities and differences between municipal governments Include public, separate and Francophone school boards. 33 mobilization and rational utilization of their human, natural and institutional resources aimed at This is why the executive, legislative and judicial arms of these governments are elected or appointed as the case may be. federal and state governments, bribery and corruption to embezzlement and gross inadequacy of well-trained and qualified personnel to mention a few. The local government is a unit of administration all over the world (Agagu, 2004). Write their ideas on the board or chart paper. Urban: It refers to towns and cities. Robson (1937: 574) defines local government from a legal point of view as follows: In general, local government may be said to involve the conception of a territorial, non-sovereign community possessing the legal right and the legal personality as a feature of local government, for legal personality is not a monopoly of local government. Each Union is made up of nine Wards. This is then a progressive process that has no end. Tell students that rapid growth in many Alberta communities is creating a situation where many rural communities have grown to the point that they are being transformed into urban areas. 1-2 Definition of Rural Development The definition of “rural” differs by country, though it is usually used in contrast to “urban”. Our dysfunctional local government system and rural development. In Nigeria, local government is created to bring government closer to the people. 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY. Include analysis of how urban and rural environments impact on how local governments operate. In fact, democracy itself originated and developed along the line of local government initiatives. Organisations that play an activist and/or developmental role should understand how local government works and how to influence it. Students should decide which is the better choice for a rapidly growing rural community: to maintain the status quo or to revise the governance structure to reflect an urban municipal government. Local government has been the root of development in terms of dealings with the people which democracy is centred upon. The State's physical presence in rural areas, however, has pluralized power at local level, breaking the former fusion of wealth and power of the local landed elite. Local government has been perceived as a panacea for the diverse problems of the diverse people with diverse culture. As a result, the rural dwellers will endeavour to participate full in grassroots democratization and development, while those who implement policy on development in Nigeria will become dedicated to policy formulation, recommendations and implementation. The dilemma facing these communities is whether or not to change their status from rural to urban local governments. Advantages and Disadvantages of Local Self Government The scope of Local Self Government is completely different from the other two levels of administration, viz, state government and central government. Rural development as a new term, which was coined in (1948:62) Mr Creech Jones has no particular definition. Suggest that students contact local government officials or consult relevant Web sites to conduct their own research for this task. Meaning- Local Self Government • Local self-government is an institution comprising of locally elected representatives managing the affairs of the locality and providing them with basic amenities. Ask students to research causes for changes in status over time. Does Inadequacy of Skilled Workers (like qualified engineers of all types, medical doctors etc) affect the ability Warri North local government council in carrying out rural development programme? Local government in Australia is the third level of government division in Australia, and is administered by the states and territories, which in turn are beneath the federal level. Ask students to work in groups to review the information in the retrieval chart and in the Venn diagrams. However, suggestions and recommendations were drawn from the findings obtained in the study, in order to determined the impact of Local Government i… Eligibility for assistance programs will depend on whether an individual is classified as living in a rural … Local government has been the root of development in terms of dealings with the people which democracy is centred upon. To assist students in gathering information about the similarities and differences between rural and urban governments, you may want to suggest that they complete the second and third columns in a retrieval chart such as Retrieval Chart: Comparing Urban and Rural Governments (Lesson Material). All forms of government, regimes or political systems have so far ensured the attainment of this goal. The schemes that are already in place with the aim of rural development need a new outlook and proper updating. In a federal system like Nigeria, local governments are close to the grass root and hence Discuss with students their understanding of the word significant. For example, is there a significant difference between math and language arts? ADVERTISEMENTS: The ten essential characteristics of the rural community are as follows: a. Data that were collected analysed by simple percentage to test the hypothesis used in the study. To this end, this study sets out to investigate the impact of local government on rural/grass root development with emphasis on Warri North Local Government of Delta State. Ans. The Role of Local Government in Rural Development Issues Jide Ibietan . Using the compass rose and scale, identify an area that extends 100 km north, south, east and west of the school. Centres /Rural Sanitary Marts. The term democracy “literally signifies” the rule of the people: the term democracy as it is used in the study synchronizes with Abraham Lincoln’s definition of democracy. The major concern of this research work is to assess the role of Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State in rural development of its constituent communities.In achieving this, the research work relies on descriptive approach and … It dates back to the time of primitive communalism when people searched for their living communally. In many developing countries conventional wisdom concluded that development is best achieved through a centralised development strategy. THE ROLE OF LOCAL GOVERNMENTS IN RURAL DEVELOPMENT (A CASE STUDY OF ANAOCHA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA OF ANAMBRA STATE) ABSTRACT This work was undertaken with a view to ascertaining the effort made so far in the area of rural development in Nigeria with a focus on Anaocha Local government Area of Anambra state as a case study, which delved into the following areas. Some of the compulsory provisions which are binding on all States are: 1. As a class, add more ideas to the list that defines this word. Nearly 60 million Americans live in rural areas. Thus, in pursuance of the central problem in this research a number of questions have been raised (posed) for this research purpose. Encourage respectful discussion and thoughtful reflection. Advantages Solution at grass-root level: The local self government solves the problems of rural people … For example, targeting of assistance programs for education, access to medical services, poverty alleviation, and broadband expansion depends on the status of these services in an area. The federal government classifies areas and population for statistical, programming, and funding purposes. THE FUNCTIONS OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN RURAL DEVELOPMENT. Hence, local government is visibly seen as co-agent of rural development and as partners in progress with both states and federal governments in rural … Invite the students to determine whether or not there are significant differences between rural and urban governments (are they more similar or more different; what, if any, are the significant difference between rural and urban governments?) It involves philosophical commitment to the idea of community participation in government at grassroots level. Centres /Rural Sanitary Marts. In India there are two kinds of local self­ government. The definition of local government by the Nigerian Federal Government leaves one with no iota of doubt that it is largely both theoretically sound and service oriented to the people. Writers have treated it in many ways. Ask them to present their ratings of differences to the group and to explain the reasoning behind their choices. Local govt provides active participatipn of local people. Rural Local governments can provide the following specific functions when scaling up water & sanitation Programme: Strategy and planning, advocacy and promotion, capacity building, supervision, monitoring and evaluation, regulation, and coordination.