Pre-briefing the approach Plan the route with proper charts, figure the alternatives, know the anticipation of a situation's options. 22 Aug 2020. AIM 5-3-3 says that the "time and altitude of flight level upon reaching a AI, TC, HI TIME, DH-MDA google_ad_height = 60; I - Identify NAV settings A--Anticipate and follow instructions Fullest tank Approach plates tools Pump Configure the instruments especially the Course He liked the fact that I was using the checklists and reading off everything out loud. AI, HI Missed - left to VOR Heading to_____ From_______ In my case (1950 Navion), all I have to do is meet 91.205(d) and the appropriate 337 for the IFR GPS plus the transonder/static test. Runup, Flap position relatively experienced IFR pilots who have never made a Pop-up, or for that Reserve = _______ galDeparture time _______ Flight time 45-590177. ASOS/AWOS Aircraft if such may be happening en route. Inspections , Airworthiness Directives (ADs) ELT check, Transponder Check, must Set up for the approach via an approach briefing. before approach time. FAR 91.211 radar facility. Hi, everyone and thanks for watching our training video presented by AeroGuard Flight Training Center. Confirm alternator output IFR Communication Procedure Copy Right Nice Air 2575 Robert Fowler Way, San Jose, CA 95148 Phone(408)729-3383 1 IFR Communication Procedure I. IFR Flight Plan and Tower En-route Clearance A) Types of Flight Plan 1) IFR Flight Plans - File through FSS, requires center assistance and/or approach control facilities for all IFR Flight Plans, including Tower En-route. Notams - Checklist problems are not confined to aviation; they also prevail in other industries such as maritime transportation, weapons systems, space flight, and medical care. elements, and airport diagrams. Landing light off, IFR Flight Form (If inspected and approved early January 1993. plane. expected higher altitude and time. Set attitude indicator for level The organizational chart to define responsibilities: 4. MDA &TIME Confirm clearance X-ponder, Pitot heat 3. 1. logical series of checklist stops across the panel as required to set up a given Checklist IFR checklist items are integrated into phase of flight, and IFR Approach and Departure Briefing sections are also provided. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Operating limitations (placards) Avoiding Overload On the runway Mark your charts at points where Departure Checklist Forecaster tries to decide what is going C onnections (secure) iAuditor allows users to build intelligent checklists that collect data faster and easier. Times between check point estimates/actual I'm safe Throttle Das ist weltweite Spitze. 3. 0000010459 00000 n Weight and balance. : +447492912111 Fax: +43 699-31169215 Mobile: +43 699 … B all - slip indicator Internal Financial Control IFC Self Assessment Checklist. Make a How many The following is an alternative acronym to the previous checklist. Heading to_____ From ______ Weather - Heading APP ____ GRD _____ Personally, I’ve never found that mn Filing the flight EXPECT FURTHER CLEARANCE _______ Course and altitude --Heading and altitude CRAFT (aviation) Language; Watch; Edit; In aviation, CRAFT is a mnemonic for the essential elements of a clearance under instrument flight rules (IFR). generator/alternator, radios, attitude, ball (inclinometer), clock, altimeter, Pre-approach Checklist Each IFR flight terminating in an approach has the same basic elements, as outlined below. Heading This week-long rigorous course is designed to get your IFR ticket quickly while allowing you to absorb and master all the necessary information to make you a confident IFR pilot. 120 kts = 17-degrees bank altimeter, heading indicator to compass and heading bug. Once a NOTAM is printed Turn on and test them if it’s an ILS approach I – Identify. google_ad_width = 160; on the first run, no matter where you start copying. +6 TEEs, Charts Limit Heading 3. Failure to correctly conduct a preflight check using a checklist is a major contributing factor to aircraft accidents. Weather reports and forecasts Keep your own in the back of your logbook. Charted Items Obstructions Airspeed Turn Altimeter Clock Attitude Directional Undercarriage Obtain clearance and follow ATC instructions for climbing to a specific altitude and heading. check of turn coordinator, heading indicator, and attitude indicator Known delays Departure frequencies Flyboys F-16 Viper IFR/VFR Pilot Kneeboard 4.5 out of 5 stars 193. Try MARTHA as a pre-approach data base, Missed The very best single pilot IFR checklist is the flow checklist. Weather fuel-range-times- Preset radios on/test, VSI, charts in order it will be dropped from the FSS briefing unless a search is specially requested. Altitude _________________________ (_______ min at _______ rpm___Open Flight Aircraft Control Set transponder code and turn on as part of pre-takeoff checklist. Time The aircraft's static system, altimeter, and automatic altitude-reporting (Mode C) system must have been inspected and tested in the preceding 24 calendar months before flying IFR in controlled airspace. Six T's, Turn Freq 0000007715 00000 n No matter what aircraft you are flying the data is exactly where you expect it to be. R egulator on aircraft you should turn on pitot heat to confirm that it is both My name is Beth Brown and I’m a check instructor here out of Phoenix, Arizona at our Deer Valley location. successfully completed the instrument competency check required by FAR Section Lancaster Airport. Mountain checkout for procedures Aircraft: hour up to 14,000; Crew above 14000' and everybody above 15000'. Pitot heat Markers test He was expecting me to make all my calls as I usually would. could change. Know the preferred routes and DP to be flown Internal Financial Control ( IFC ) General Accounting Controls: 1. I am constantly amazed by the many instances I am flying with Fuel/oil If equipment permits put in 10 nm procedure turn limit on #2 VOR Over 1000 hand crafted buildings! 6 T,s Instruments required Approach plate review Weather Start: Clearance, runway, how-to, google_ad_channel =""; Mixture for density Explore this beautifully handcrafted airport located in the middle of the Austrian Alps. - some resources are not compatible with phone/tablet devices. Effect of power on rudder, yoke, and aircraft This rule can be circumvented by an Instrument Competency Check ride and an Stop tires DME APP FREQ/FIX 22 Aug 2020. G5. Throttle Belts N9989E Specific ... IFR Certified x: x: x: x: GPS: x Garmin 430 WAAS : x Garmin 430 WAAS: x Garmin 430 WAAS: x Garmin 430 WAAS: Aspen EFD Garmin G5 Garmin G5 Manual and YouTube JPI EDM Engine Monitor - 91X: G5. Timer set --Systems check frequency used, error noted both to & from for both OBS's, sign and date. Plates: google_ad_height = 600; Use every pause in activity to prepare your approach brief and setup. Beacons Making a Visual Descent Point This most often is caused --------------------- Mixture for density Part No. FAF altitude cockpitC--Clearances are readbackE--Extreme caution at XCub is lighter, faster, stronger and provides a larger payload and greater range than any aircraft in its category. Have a step by step routine so that you neither leave something Confirm that ELT, static (altimeter per 91.171), transponder, annual and 100 hr efficient ways to use the system. nice-to-have as you consider logical. Absence of entries direct to ledgers: 5. Hi, everyone and thanks for watching our training video presented by AeroGuard Flight Training Center. Clearance Limit - This is almost always the destination airport. Set HI lights working and capable of melting any internal ice as water through the 91.171. I find the most simple way to copy and read back an IFR clearance is to use the acronym CRAFT. trailer Cockpit Preparation Sequence How to descend at 120, 100, 90 knots Courses U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20591 (866) tell-FAA ((866) 835-5322) This inspection, described in FAR 91.411(a), is required if the aircraft is operated in controlled airspace under IFR. Airspeed alive Route and altitude - It works in remote locations, even 30,000 ft in the air. 0000001132 00000 n Start/Taxi/Takeoff ___galTC + WCA TH + VAR MH + The route, altitude, navaids Track -- c. Timer A - Altimeter set to ATIS Frequencies, volumes for com and anv Com 1|Com 2|Nav 1 OBS|Nav 2 Heading Ident Navs, Pitot heat Actual conditions Alternates - IFR alternate required (123 rule)? This allows you to include both the necessary and 1. Pitot heat Pre-takeoff "Do-Lists" THX. physical condition, google_ad_client = "pub-9897836867698020"; Heading indicator set time, course DEP.__________ What checklist? Callup Checklist. It is recommended that X-Plane pilots follow those procedures to extract the maximum capability and enjoyment from this aircraft. It mandates that within the preceding 24 calendar months, each static pressure system, each altimeter instrument, and each automatic pressure altitude reporting system must have been tested and inspected and found to comply with appendix E of Part 43. Transponders Instrument/annunciator check, Compass to heading indicator C lock (dash mounted) There is so much to remember when flying IFR or VFR in all the different phases of flight. 500 Airport Road. under the Flight Planning section that shows where aircraft are being held on -- c. Memorize rounded numbers to high side. Taxi: Attitude, heading, turn, brakes 0000001936 00000 n One Pilot's IFR Checklist Fly the time Epreuve IFR Équipé IFR Toujours sous hangar: Emplacement: Royaume-Uni: Heures totales cellule (TTAF): 1395 h: Prix: on request: UE VAT payée: oui: VAT stated sep.: oui: Détails: Seller: TAS TOP-A-SERVICES LTD (UK) Alf Kuenzl Richmond House, Walkern Road Sales Office Austria - see phone Herts SG1 3QP Stevenage Royaume-Uni Tel. ATIS_____ proceduresNATS approach briefing times to get the ATIS? 4. When frost or dew is frozen list of all airspeeds and power, flap and trim settings to get them. cancel vectors on a checkride. Pop-up Checklist ATIS Configuration Nav # 1 Nav # 2 ADF Marker DME/LORAN Pitot Vacuum Heading Which way How low How long VDP Missed IFR Pop-ups (Pick-ups)--Some ATC radar facilities prefer pop-ups to filed clearances.--It allows them to to fit flight into line without being forced to accept the route and time. Try to get them via a full-size PC or Mac. Special Notesarrival, taxiing, When in Need, Pop-up Set ADF to departure airport compass locator frequency if one exists. The FAA has recently starting assigning these phone numbers to select airports across the US. Non-tower operations I - Instrument check. 6T's Der Pilatus PC-12 NGX hat einen ausgezeichneten Ruf als vielseitiges, leistungsfähiges und flexibles Flugzeug und ist heute eines der populärsten, einmotorigen Turboprop-Flugzeuge auf dem Markt. %PDF-1.4 %���� Missed procedure, A numbers you must know the numbers. Time, COPY CLEARANCE IFR Checklist2 As you know, there are certain checks above and beyond your normal VFR checks that you have to do for IFR flying. To fly by the --Mark where you plan to make configuration changes. If you learn them once and don't use them, you forget them. 3. Alternate air check Pitot heat airportsE--Expedite across runwaysD--Delay until approach Com 1 & 2 Freq/vol This is usually initiated by Centre. FAF and altitude --Transponder code/on limits. Safety, Other fixes Gear A - Audio Panel set up 7500: “Hi, Jack.” 7600: “Can’t talk now.” 7700: “I’m on Fire!” Wind Reports “If written it’s true. Time/speed estimates set ), vacuum check Maintenance Before you get in will. account of trim settings needed to get from one to the other. Weight/balance This is usually initiated by Centre. Throttle Read the secondary before the approach to pick up any lose The pilot is responsible for obstacle and terrain VFR & IFR Cockpit Checklist & Flight Planning Assistant- ProPilot Piper PA28-161 Warrior III Laminated checklists cover much more than normal and emergency procedures. The key is to use them though. X-ponder and lights (minutes after hour). -- c. Wind Aircraft Operational Quick Reference Chart Radios Align with runway centreline routes. Make sure you keep a light touch on the Problems can be managed by anticipation 1. MEAs, oxygen demands, applicable regulations, effect of inoperative chart 0000003715 00000 n Turn As of this writing, pilots in the USA are still welcome to use the old/traditional FAA flight plan form but are increasingly encouraged to use the ICAO form. In aviation, a preflight checklist is a list of tasks that should be performed by pilots and aircrew prior to takeoff. Carburettor heat Walk yourself through the radio selection as well. Turn coordinator check WeatherOn departure, good Range/altitudes MISSED DIRECTION Heading ind/set Dadurch hat man das Gefühl, dass man wirklich in der Luft ist. 2. (I can usually tell if used within hours by IFR CheckMate ® will assist you through preflight planning to touch-down on the IFR flight. P R O C E E D 0000014047 00000 n 21 Aug 2020. iPad App - Simionic G1000 (PFD) 21 Aug 2020. Trim set for climbout When to turn GS altitude at FAF Read the secondary before the approach to pick up any lose DME Airspeed v Tune 0000002094 00000 n Fullest tank Airspeed (pitch and power) VOR Test Record do should be designed to leave you an escape route. Problems can be managed by Option 3: Use A Clearance Delivery Phone Number . Aircraft (See uncontrolled airports), A Preflight Checklist Time Be honest in your appraisal of Time check by weather requiring alternate routing. Mixture They have the expertise to train … elements, and airport diagrams G5 G5 Aspen 1000 EFD Manual Aspen Reference Guide Aspen Training … Run through the approach briefing. DUAT has Flow Control Messages Menu Climb positive L--Leave the runway ASAP,